Here is a list of Tracts available for download. They are in PDF format, ready to print and fold to use as your own handout to Muslims.

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Number Tract Title
1. How to Use these Tracts
2. Sharing the Gospel
3. Preparing your Testimony
4. The Straight Path
5. Sin in Christianity & Islam
6. Islam and Christianity
7. Jews and Christians in Islam
8. Jihad
9. Truth in Islam
10. Dhimmitude
11. Women in Islam
12. The Crusades
13. Authenticity of the Bible
14. Contrasting Jesus and Muhammad
15. The Life of Muhammad
16. Allah vs Yahweh
17. Contradictions in the Qur’an
18. Jesus in the Quran
19. The Messiah in Prophecies
20. Glorified Messiah in Prophecies
21. The Messiah His Deity
22. Sin,Judgement and Righteousness
23. The Suffering Messiah in Prophecies