2017 Events

Training & Fellowship Events: Sat. 8/7—7pm—81 Mina Parade, Alderley, QLD. Speakers: J Clerke & D Scot; Topic: Creation—Christianity & Islam Sat. 23/9—7pm—81 Mina Parade, Alderley, QLD. Speaker: Bill Muehlenberg ; Topic: TBA with more details. Sat. 25/11—7pm—81 Mina Parade, Alderley, QLD. Speaker: F Qurbanpur Topic: Transforming Power of the Gospel—from Soldier for Allah to Servant of Jesus July—Sep. Term 3 Teaching @ API, Newmarket, QLD Overseas Trip: Daniel & Mariat will be away from end of May—early July speaking in conferences and seminars in USA & UK. We will value your prayers for protection, provision and opportunities! NOTE: In 2017 D & M Scot are available to conduct teaching/training Seminars on Islamic issues & to preach—in churches, Bible Colleges, home groups, and mission groups!!

Books/DVDs for Sale

Windows into the Qur’an by D Scot Price: $20 + postage Share the Gospel with Muslims by D Scot & M Abdulhuq Price: $20 + postage Critique: Learning from One by D Scot Price: $10 + postage A 5 Disc DVD Series of introducing Islam Local experts in the field of Islamics — Daniel & Mariat Scot, John Arnold and Gerhard Nehls — focus on topics such as: Are God and Allah the same? Jesus in Islam; Answering Muslim objections; Women in Islam; & more… Special Price — $50 plus postage. Many other books on current Islamic issues by various authors are available at IMI office. To order/purchase books, and other resources, please contact the IMI office!

Support & Contact

Your regular support for the ministry of IMI to fulfil Jesus’ Great Commission of sharing the Good News, and making disciples of Jesus Christ among all Nations, is greatly appreciated! Contact Us IMI Office: PO Box 1447; STAFFORD, Q 4053 Phone: (61 7) 3356 1884 Email:; Web: To support IMI: ABN: 77025070880 Westpac Bank BSB: 034 003 Acc.: 214 587

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